Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tamar Braxton Announces BET Awards 13' Nominees; Battling Vitiligo

Tamar Braxton joined the likes of Chris Tucker, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, Charlie Wilson and Stephen Hill at the 2013 BET Awards Press Conference at The ICON Ultra Lounge in Los Angeles. The songstress snagged two nominations while announcing her peers.

EBONY Magazine recently caught up with the mother-to-be where she shed light on abusive past relationships, her longtime battle with vitiligo, and more. 

On Being Abused:
“…it happened. I’m not all the way comfortable with sharing a lot of what happened to me (yet), but what I said was true. When I’m ready to talk about my abusive past I will, I’m sorry that I’m not. But if it wasn’t for (God), I wouldn’t be here.”

“My husband (Vincent Herbert) definitely doesn’t abuse me.”

On her struggle with Vitiligo:
Anybody with skin issues knows that that’s a very sensitive subject. And that’s why I’ve never shared that I have Vitiligo, because I do. I’ve always had it, since I was a young girl. It’s not as bad as others because everybody has it differently, but I’ve certainly had mine diagnosed. That’s why I tan. People say, “You bleach your skin!” But I tan just so I can have a better tone on my skin, boo!
It’s gotten worse since I’ve gotten pregnant. If you shake my hand now, to me it’s more noticeable. But when you get diagnosed with a skin disorder, it’s hard. It does weigh on your self-esteem.

On Plastic Surgery:
“I don’t have plastic surgery. I never had plastic surgery. I had a nose procedure done because I had to. I had no cartilage in my nose, I have a piece of cartilage from my ear put into my nose. I had a medical procedure done. I have no plastic in my nose. And when I shared that with the world, now I have Botox, and different kind of fillers.  Everything is real on me.”

On future plastic surgery plans:
“After I have my baby, I might can’t say that everything is real on me. I might get my breasts done. Who knows if my breasts gonna go down to my ankles–I can’t do that!”


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