Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RUMOR MILL: Beyoncé Pregnancy Rumors Escalate After Canceled Concert, $1,000 Chicken Order

A day after the Internet went haywire regarding reports that Queen Bey, default world leader, is pregnant with her second child, the singer has canceled a Mrs. Carter Show World Tour date in Belgium. Suffering from “dehydration and exhaustion,” Beyoncé has been ordered by her doctor to reschedule a Tuesday-night concert at Sportpaleis in Antwerp. She is supposed to perform at the same venue on Wednesday night but is awaiting the go-ahead from her doctor before she proceeds.

To report the cancelation, Beyoncé’s publicist sent an e-mail to the journalistic equivalent of the principal’s office—the Associated Press—to explain that Beyoncé would be unable to perform on Tuesday night for medical reasons. The Internet responds to this news by collectively raising its eyebrows.

Several media outlets have already capitalized on the pregnancy-rumors with claims that Beyoncé spent more than $1,000 on chicken “wing roulettes” at a restaurant in Dublin after performing there earlier this month. 


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