Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MUSIC NEWS: Newly married AMERIIE talks NEW ALBUM & More

‘1 Thing’ singer Ameriie has been generating quite the buzz for her upcoming ‘Cymatika Vol. 1′ album.  The album, which the singer revealed is expecting a spring 2012 release, will be preceded by the new summer single ‘Firestarter’.

While no official release date has been reported, the newlywed had an interview with & provided details about the song, it’s parent album, and her desire to release an album every year.

How would you describe Cymatika, Vol. 1?
This album is pretty much trance, electronic, elements of house, heavy drums—not hip-hop in that sense, but drums that knock—and new wave with classic song structure. I probably finished about 80% of the project.  One thing I was experimenting with from a vocal aspect was androgyny and approaching the vocal in an androgynous fashion.  A lot of the songs don’t really sound like me. I think I’m gonna have to start putting out albums every year because that’s the only way I can keep up with myself creatively. Albums are bookmarks of where I am creatively. I really want to put out more albums.

Does the album have a theme?
The theme of the album is what it means to be human. I have songs about not being intimidated by society and what people think you should be, not wanting to be chic, kinda wanting to have your own identity and not feel like you have to follow the crowd. I also talk about self-suppression and how sometimes we suppress the feelings that we have or the ideas that we have.

What can you share about the first single, “FireStarter (Private Dancer)”?
On the surface, it’s about having fun, dancing the night away basically. A certain part of the song is fun, but it also speaks to our “look at me” culture a little bit. It’s kinda how everyone wants to be in the spotlight, not necessarily being in entertainment, just in some form. And kinda like how the world is a stage and how we are all the creator of our own reality. The hook goes, “‘Cause everybody in this whole wide world wants to be somebody in this world.” It’s very subtle, I don’t go deep into it like in the other songs.

What do you hope people take from this album?
For this project, people will really know me because it’s not just about romance, it’s about other stuff in general and what I believe. If they listen to the CD, they can actually come away with it and say, “I know her and what she’s about.”


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