Thursday, July 28, 2011

GOSSIP: Trouble in Paradise for NICKI MINAJ & Boyfriend

Nicki Minaj has had another bust up with her rumored boyfriend-hypeman Safaree on the set of her recent photoshoot and it left people "scared" for her.

The 'Your Love' hitmaker, was shooting a spread for Cosmopolitan magazing in Miami when the alleged incident occurred.

An insider from the set reportedly told that the couple got into a "heated altercation" after he objected to a few of her poses for the shoot.

The source said: "He thought Nicki was being too sexy and so he spoke up. Nicki told him to stay out of it ... and then they began [arguing]."

Minaj asked for the crew to leave the set while they continued to argue and the staff were concerned for the Young Money star.

"I was scared for Nicki. We shouldn't have left her alone," the insider said.

The photoshoot resumed later that day after resolving their differences. It was only two weeks ago that a Dallas police report surfaced after Minaj was left assaulted following an argument allegedly with Safaree. Both of them deny that the incident happened. 



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