Saturday, July 16, 2011

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Chris Brown on The Today Show

The superstar singer, dancer and actor, Chris Brown made an appearance on The Today Show. And by doing so, he broke a record previously held by Lady GaGa, for the most fans in attendance of a Today Show concert. Brown's newest CD, F.A.M.E., has been a huge hit with his fans, and thus far it has yielded hit singles for the singer.

As OK! Magazine reports, Chris Brown took to the stage today to perform for 18,000 people. It is being reported that 18,000 people is the largest crowd yet to gather for a concert on the show. Brown performed hits for fans such as "She Ain't You," and "Forever."

As a result of the success of the concert, Chris Brown took to his official Twitter account to thank his fans for their support. Brown wrote: "I love teambreezy so much.. Wish the concert was longer today! Thx you Today Show for your everything Love ya!" Brown has always expressed his gratitude for his fans, and the success that he has attained.

Chris Brown on Today


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