Monday, August 1, 2011


Cassie graces the cover of the latest issue of Status Magazine, which dons the caption ‘The Empress Strikes Back’.  Inside, the model turned singer talks about her next music project, her style and why people love it. Check out excerpts below.
On responding to her fans on twitter
I do like the convenience of sending love to kids….supporting me and showing me love.

On her style growing up
[I was] totally [a] tomboy…I started modeling early, so [dressing] up always felt like work. I used to love to wear my brother Rod’s clothes.

On what she’s been up to
I have been crazy busy, back in the studio getting my album done. Lots of new editorial shoots coming out. Really been blessed lately-feels like my time is now.

I’m a whole new version of myself, and I love it, so I know the people who really love my music will too. Every session is fun, actually-the producers and writers are dope. I couldn’t be happier.

On her style
[My style] is cool, fun, and me. I love Kate Moss, style wise. I love shopping. I love to mix it up. I love Balmain, Givemchy, but then, I can go crazy at Joyrich in LA or buy ten pairs of Jordans or buy all the men’s T-shirts at Zara and cut them up. It’s all about having fun and making things your own.

On what she collects
Mostly Jordans, Chucks, and some Iros-[they] feel like I have no shoes on!

On why kids look up to her and her style
I like to keep an effortless edge to everything I do. I think the kids get that, and that inspires them to do the same.


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