Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GOSSIP: Jennifer Lopez & Diddy reunite during her SPLIT?!?!

After coming face-to-face with each other on 'American Idol' earlier this year, it looks as though P Diddy and Jennifer Lopez have reignited their relationship after having been spotted together in New York, less than a month after she announced her divorce from husband Marc Anthony.

The 'On The Floor' singer and Diddy dated in 1990s and it was because of her relationship with Diddy that she was projected into fame, but now it looks as though the two are giving it another go.

A source close to Lopez has reportedly told BET: "Puff wouldn't be my first choice for her, but then again he was always very supportive of her sex symbol image and never got mad when she wore sexy clothes. He actually encouraged it."

It was rumored that Anthony tried to control Lopez's dress and thought that she would often dress "too sexily".

An insider has claimed that P Diddy thinks Lopez is "the love of his life".

Representatives for the two stars have not commented on the reports.



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