Monday, July 30, 2012

VIDEO PREMIERE: Nina Sky - 'Heartbeat' / New Album 'Nicole & Natalie'

Nina Sky is back with a new video and sound! Check out their new video, “Heartbeat", lead single for their upcoming album "Nicole & Natalie" which drops tomorrow, July 31, 2012. 

As told to the duo which is known for their reggaeton beats and sassy attitude are trying something new:

When we filmed the video for ’Heartbeat,’ we knew we wanted it to be more about the feeling of the song and less about the story. The colors, environment, and everyone dancing in their own element creates this surreal feeling of freedom. It’s just about listening to the rhythm inside you and letting that rhythm guide you

Check out your favorite twins as they debut new looks as well. I am diggin' this new sound they are trying. It just might work out to their advantage. I can see this being a great pop/club hit.



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