Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Frank Ocean Posts 'Coming Out' Letter via Tumblr

 A few days ago I reported that Frank Ocean admitted his bisexuality in one of his new songs from upcoming LP, 'Channel Orange'. Well earlier today he posted this heartfelt letter via his tumblr expressing his admiration for another male at one point in his life.
CNN anchor Andersoon Cooper also recently "came out" to the media. I think this is saying a lot about the LGBT community within the industry. I wonder who else is going to step up to the plate next? Queen Latifah perhaps?

Check out Frank's letter below! 
Click on the photo to zoom in

If you're not familiar with this fresh young artist. Check him out below in some of his most successful cuts from the past year including  'Novacane', 'Thinkin' Bout You', 'Swim Good' and 'Church in the Wild', which was featured on Hov & Yeezy's WTT!


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