Monday, April 2, 2012

TV Roundup: Oprah Winfrey Calls OWN a Mistake


Oprah Winfrey appeared on CBS This Morning and admitted that launching her own network has been far more difficult than she anticipated, even going so far as to call it a "mistake."

"The idea of creating a network was something that I wanted to do," she told Charlie Rose and Gayle King. "Had I known that it was this difficult, I might have done something else."

OWN has struggled heavily since launching in January 2011. While the network started off with about a million viewers, it's now averaging roughly 300,000 viewers per month. OWN also laid off a group of its employees last month, including two high level executives, and canceled Rosie O'Donnell's fledgling talk show.

Amidst these struggles, Winfrey was remarkably candid about the sharp learning curve that has come with creating a network. "If I knew then what I know now, I might have made different choices," she also said on the CBS This Morning. "If I were writing a book about it, I could call the book '101 Mistakes.'"


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