Monday, April 2, 2012

'Sparkle' Trailer Featuring the late Whitney Houston is released [Photos & Video]

The trailer for Whitney Houston’s final film debuted on NBC’s “Today” show Monday.
The TriStar remake of the 1976 Supremes-inspired flick, which stars Jordin Sparks, Derek Luke, Mike Epps, Cee-Lo Green, & Tika Sumpter is due to hit theaters August 17th, and marks Houston’s first return to movie acting in 16 years.

 The movie which is based on three sisters who form a successful singing group deal with the turmoil of fame and drugs which causes them to fallout. 

Take a look at the trailer below!! Will you be running to the theaters to see this? or is it too much of a 'Dreamgirls' spinoff for you?


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