Friday, March 23, 2012

GOSSIP: Kim Kardashian gets Attacked with White Powder?

Kim Kardashian was attacked on Thursday night at an event for her new fragrance, True Reflection when a woman threw white powder all over her back and hair.

As the reality star was walking the red carpet at the London Hotel in L.A., a woman chucked a flour-like substance all over Kardashian.

A surprised Kardashian took off her jacket and then brushed her hair clean of the powder before going back into the event.

Photographer Brian Dowling, who was on the scene, tweeted:
“Working the Kim Kardashian party, and someone dumped a bag of flour on her head. Craziness!”
The woman who assaulted Kardashian was taken into custody, and the fire department determined that the white substance was nothing more than cooking powder.


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